Michelle George —  December 14, 2009 — Leave a comment

I find myself  separating aspects of my life that have no business being split apart. Do you do that too?


It’s called dualism.

It’s thinking that your spiritual life can be separated from your “regular” life.

Life is a whole. You cannot stick God in a box and just drag him out on Sundays and special holidays and expect to experience a growing, joyful, peaceful, satisfying life as a follower.

God’s there all the time. He’s whispering in your ear. You cannot restrain Him. He wants to guide every part of your life, but you have to bring Him out of the box you’ve shoved him into and be willing to listen.

Do you stick God in a box? I do from time to time, when it’s convenient for me to do so. It’s time to destroy the box. It’s better that way.

What about you? Have you put God in a box?

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