Art and ongoing encouragement

Michelle George —  July 16, 2010 — Leave a comment

Fifteen years ago I left full-time employment to take a year off before I had kids. At the time I worked with a girl called Phillippa Pratten … we haven’t kept in touch over the years, I suspect she is now married and perhaps living somewhere else. At the time she created a beautiful piece of art as a parting gift and as a blessing.

I kept it on my desk at home for awhile, but over the years and a couple of house moves later it wound up in my desk drawer. I’m not sure why, but I remembered the piece last night and I pulled it out and propped it up on my desk again.

I meditated on the blessing this morning while I wrote my morning pages and was blessed all over again by the beautiful artwork. All these years later, the art and the blessing worked on my heart all over again! I love the way art and creativity can continue to speak for years.

Phillippa, wherever you are my friend, may God bless you! I hope you are still creating beautiful art, you have such a talent!

Do you have a piece of art that speaks blessing to you?

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