you know you’re gettin’ old when…

Michelle George —  September 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to run the Canberra Times Fun Run that’s on next weekend. To complete the run is one of my major goals for the year, and I thought I was on track.

I have been training diligently and little by little I have extended my runs so that I could actually complete that distance without dying. I’ve done a couple of runs that are the required 10kms, and one that was longer. I was absolutely chuffed! This goal was looking like it was going to be done and dusted finally! The finish line is so close, I can almost smell it!

But my body has other ideas.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve had this weird tingling all down one side of my body, and lately when I run I am in so much pain on that side that I can barely keep walking let alone running. :(

I went and had a remedial massage, but that didn’t really help at all…except to relax me :)

I think I might have pinched a nerve or something, but I can’t get in to see my osteopath until long after the race.

I don’t want to have to ditch. I want to tick off my goal…but my cranky old body might have other ideas.

I don’t want this goal hanging over me for another whole year while I wait for next year to roll around…and I’ll feel like a complete fraud if I wear the t-shirt and I didn’t do the race.


Have to wait and see what this week holds I guess…I have until Sunday morning to figure it out.

Any faith healers in town?  <snigger snigger>

Have you ever come so close to achieving a goal and then have it slip through your fingers?

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