Double flatty trouble

Michelle George —  March 30, 2011 — 3 Comments

I love riding to work. The early morning exercise sets me up for a smooth and mellow start to the day.  Usually it’s pretty uneventful…mostly because I’m half asleep. Today was different.

This is what a cheap tube plus CO2 canister too fast looks like

This morning I was having an AWESOME ride….it was nice and early, not pitch black, but still dark-ish, not too cold, little bit of fog around. I was in the zone. Cruising along. Smiling. I was up early enough to take the long way to work. Beautiful!

When I do the long ride I come down through the middle of Fisher, then between Waramanga and Stirling, down past Maccas, down Streeton Dr to Scrivener Dam etc…. I had just come past Maccas and was approaching the skate park beside the tennis courts there and I hear psshhhhhhhh…bugger…flat…turns out I had run over some glass (didn’t see it).

No stress! I’ve changed tyres before. So I got all greasy and pulled the back wheel off, untangled it from the rear derailleur and removed the tyre, pulled out the tube… found the glass and extracted it. The tyre ended up with a 1cm gash, so I sleeved that with a $5 note I carry in my kit for just such an emergency. Ran my hands around the inside of the tyre a couple of times to make sure there was nothing left in there to kill the replacement tube…. pulled out the new tube and blew it up with my mouth just enough to give it shape to put onto the wheel … refit the tyre (road tyres are a pain in the butt – they are so tight!…mtb tyres are much easier to change) and did the usual rigmarole to make sure I hadn’t pinched the tube with the tyre… now here’s where it gets good….

I carry a CO2 canister to pump up my tyres rather than a hand pump. They are smaller and faster. This is what a CO2 set up looks like .. you attach it to your valve and then release the gas into your tyre…inflates it in about 5-10 seconds … brilliant stuff! So fast, and no sweat involved!

So I did that, the tyre felt great, I was set! Then I tried to take the canister off the valve but it was too cold and stiff, so I picked the wheel up and had the derailleur cocked in position in one hand and the wheel in the other hand and I gave the tyre a squeeze just to check it, and BOOOM!!!! The tube exploded and the tyre blew off the side of the rim! Sounded like a  gunshot! I seriously very nearly wet myself. (Would have been more than a little embarrassing!)

There was a woman (probably in her early 30s) walking her dog about 100mtrs away at the time. I saw her jump, and the dog went berko for a second.  She was very nice actually…offered to go home (she lived nearby) and get me a new tube…but I had already called Al and woken him up by then :) He was kind enough to get out of bed and come rescue me. I was lucky none of the local military college guys were jogging by at the time…could have gotten messy ;)


Sorry, it’s late and I’m tired. :)

I was telling this story to a friend this morning and he told me I should blog it so I didn’t lose the story. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.

*face palm*

So busy lately that I haven’t written a whole lot for myself.


that’s how my day started today…I was pretty peeved that I didn’t get to ride. I was looking forward to it. My day didn’t really improve…but you get that :)

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  • Trish

    I was near a bike tyre when it blew up once, I thought someone was shooting me (I was about ten). Scared me half to death. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. I’m pretty sure I screamed and ran for cover. I’m glad you weren’t hurt!

  • Trish

    PS You’ve got some spam in your comments – can you enable a captcha or something to stop that? Once they find you the spambots keep on coming…

    • Michelle George

      thanks..the nasty boogers seem tohave settled in…have installed Captcha…see if that helps. Thanks! :)