Help! I can’t relax!

Michelle George —  May 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

I think I have forgotten how to relax.

For a year or so now I have been having various problems with muscles being too tight and contracted to function properly. The latest round of problems is with my shoulder, and I’ve been seeing a psychopath osteopath who tried manual techniques before finally getting the muscles to behave with dry needling. OUCH. I don’t want to have to have that again! So I need to figure out how to relax.

My problem now is that I think I might have forgotten how to relax my muscles. I was lying in bed this morning and noticing just how much tension there was in my body. There were tight muscles all over, and even after I tried to relax them, the tension crept back in. This is quite possibly why I don’t sleep well either…..hmmm…

So, I need help. How do you relax? What are your most effective non-chemical methods for relaxing your body.

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